Transforming Capital Through Private Investment Strategies
Balancing Innovation with Time-Tested Techniques
At Patten Capital, we believe in the transformative power of intelligent investing. As a premier Private Investment Manager, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the investment landscape through our unwavering commitment to our investment's growth and success. Founded on the principles of trust, transparency, and tenacity, Patten Capital strives to elevate the standard for investment management. We bring a wealth of experience across various markets and market cycles, ensuring that our strategies are not just robust, but also resilient. What sets us apart?

Expertise: Our deep market knowledge, backed by data-driven insights, positions us uniquely to identify and leverage opportunities that align with our investment objectives.

Customization: Recognizing that every investor's journey is unique, we craft bespoke investment solutions tailored to individual goals and risk tolerance.

Integrity: We pride ourselves on operating with utmost integrity, fostering relationships built on mutual respect and long-term partnership.

Innovation: At Patten Capital, we're not just reactive to market changes; we're proactive, continually innovating and refining our strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Join us in transforming capital and crafting a financial legacy that stands the test of time. With Patten Capital, your investment vision is in capable and committed hands.


Distressed Real Estate
Loan Purchasing

Clear Strategy

Asset Identification

Identify early opportunities in the desirable markets with potential for growth and capital appreciation.

Asset Acquisition

Leverage clearly defined investment criteria to acquire assets into an expected market price decline or anticipated market price appreciation.

Asset Monetization

Strive to pay consistent annual distributions from income and hold assets for capital appreciation for a 2-10-year hold period until opportunistic exit present.